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My name is Brittine Brady and I was born in the suburbs of Chicago in 1988. My mother knew from her estrange pregnancy that I was going to make my mark in the world, considering I made so many lasting marks on the inside of my mother’s stomach. 

Much of my life has been encompassed with hopes, dreams, aspirations, and my innermost desires; however, I used to believe that I wasn’t good enough to reach any of them. Through my pain and personal experiences I hope to empower women and show them how to “Glow in the dark.” What it really means to walk in their identity, calling, and their destiny!

I choose to live life outside of the box and believe that with prayer and the Lord, that I can do all things. This may seem cliche, but I wholeheartedly agree with the saying “sky’s the limit.” I have what I believe to be a powerful testimony and will never stop sharing it with others because it is living proof of God’s grace.

I love to laugh loud, dance crazy, listen to music, go on adventures, and encourage others. You’ll always find me with favorite Starbucks beverage, a good book, her journal, and goldfish crackers, laying in a hammock near you (or mostly just in Eswatini)! 

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